About Taste America


Taste America is a national program of events that takes place in ten cities over six weekends each fall.

  • Exclusive benefit dinners featuring a visiting Taste America All-Star, local JBF Award–winning chefs, and culinary celebrities
  • In-store celebrity chef appearances, cooking demonstrations, book signings, tastings and more at Sur La Table stores around the country
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About the
James Beard Foundation

The James Beard Foundation’s mission is to celebrate, nurture, and honor America’s diverse culinary heritage through programs that educate and inspire.

Founded in 1986, the James Beard Foundation has a myriad of programs that reach a national and even international audience. JBF has established a strong brand equity centered on excellence, partnerships extending beyond the culinary realm, and dynamic programs and events that engage not only the best of the food industry, but millions of experts and enthusiasts from all over the world. The James Beard Foundation’s programs include educational initiatives, food industry awards, scholarships to culinary schools, publications, chef advocacy training, and thought-leader convening. The Foundation also maintains the historic James Beard House in New York City’s Greenwich Village as a “performance space” for visiting chefs.

In 2012 JBF launched the Diplomatic Culinary Partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Protocol and created the American Chef Corps, which champions American chefs abroad and fosters foreign interest in American cuisine. For Expo Milano 2015, a global gathering that addresses feeding the world’s growing population, JBF co-led the effort for the State Department to produce the USA Pavilion, which showcases America’s contributions to global food security and gastronomy.

Find out more about the James Beard Foundation at jamesbeard.org.